The SunnyBrook Ballroom is a vivid and well-known landmark of the big band era.  A local monument to the past, SunnyBrook sits in a small valley just outside of Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

SunnyBrook is one of the few remaining dance halls of the pre-World War II era still in existence.  It began as a swimming club in 1926.  In 1931, after the depression, the ballroom was constructed. During the big band era of the 1930’s and 1940’s the ballroom rose to prominence as one of the country’s great dance floors. Throughout the heyday of big band music, the historic ballroom was a regular stop on the tours of all of the era’s big bands. Benny Goodman, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra are just a few of the names of nationally known performers who filled the room with the music of the era.  The venue has hosted political rallies, community meetings, weddings, wedding receptions, class and family reunions, high school proms, and other events.

In 2004, The SunnyBrook Foundation was created to save the historic structure from certain deprecation. The Foundation reopened the facility in 2008 as an entertainment venue; eventually also reopening the restaurant and bar in 2011. Although many volunteers came together to bring The SunnyBrook Ballroom back to its original glory, the efforts were no match for the massive undertaking. Thankfully, the Gulati family saw the potential SunnyBrook had; not only to become the beloved landmark it once was, but to breathe new life into the event venue.

In 2015, renovations and new construction began on the restaurant, ballroom, and new meeting spaces. March of 2016 marked the Grand Opening of the New Sunnybrook Ballroom & Gatsby’s Restaurant, Bar & Lounge under the management of The Sunnybrook LLC.